Ukraine Support

Dear Sirs,

We are WCA member # 67447 in Ukraine.
Russia declared a war on Ukraine 24.02.2022
Russian forces launched a land, sea and air invasion and shelling
Ukrainian cities, destroying infrastructure and killing civilian people
and children. The Ukrainian army is fighting for the freedom and independence against one of the strongest armies in the world, Russian army.
Master Cargo stages a fundraiser for Armed Forces in Ukraine.
We can accept money for our Ukrainian army support in Poland and transfer to Ukraine immediately.
If you can help Ukraine, please make your payments to:

Fundacja Polskie Centrum Prawa IUSTUS
Jana III Sobieskiego 17, 35-002 Rzeszów

IBAN: PL 07 1020 4391 0000 6802 0212 7033
Bank: PKO BP o/Rzeszów

VERY IMPORTANT: in the subject of payment, be sure to indicate Pomoc Ukraina, Master Cargo Ukraine support

Please inform us about transfers by e-mail: to identify your payments.
On the website of our company, we will publish a report on the money received and its transfer to the Ukrainian Army Assistance Fund.

Thank you in advance for supporting Ukraine in the fight for freedom and democracy.

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